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Yahira Robinson, UNCG Class of 2022

“I truly believe in dance therapy and the power of kinesthetic movement not only to teach people, but to help people.”

– Yahira Robinson, ’22 and Northern Guilford Middle School Teacher

Undergraduate Research in Dance and Teaching

At 12 years old, Yahira Robinson stepped onto UNC Greensboro’s campus for Dancers Connect, a free dance class for youth taught by faculty and students at the School of Dance. From that moment, her passion was ignited and her sights were set on becoming a Spartan. 

As a first generation college student, Robinson not only excelled in her dance degree she also pursued a second degree in elementary education. The combined studies included hands-on research that Robinson presented at a national conference – as an undergraduate student.

 “My research on integrated dance was really the turning point for me because I could be in the classroom and still teach dance, while also expanding my reach and impact by teaching math, science, or English at the same time.”

Robinson has seen, first-hand, the impact of integrated dance in classroom learning. She applied her research as she taught sixth-grade science full-time at Northern Guilford Middle School during her senior year. 

Learn how she balanced the demands of earning two college degrees, completing community service projects, all the while working full-time.

Why UNC Greensboro?

“It means a lot to me to have helped other Spartans find their way here, just like I did through Dancers Connect when I was 12. As a first-generation student, I feel like it’s important to be a role model for other students and show them all of the resources and opportunities the campus has to offer. I truly believe in the University’s message of ‘find your way here.’ I found my way; I’m home. And I think being able to show other students that UNCG can be their home, too, is really special.”

– Robinson, ’22 first-generation college graduate

Yahira Robinson UNCG Class of 2022

Find Your Way Here

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“How Does UNC Greensboro Make Dreams Reality?”

Robinson,’22 is a first generation student who taught middle school while earning her college degrees.

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