Real Transformation

UNC Greensboro has the infrastructure to prepare students to go to the best medical schools, whether that be Harvard or Mount Sinai. I’m proof of that.

– Sky Kihuwa-Mani, UNC Greensboro Class of 2022 graduate

Student Excellence Achieved

Sky Kihuwa-Mani arrived at UNC Greensboro unschooled, a curriculum-free learning style that advocates learner-chosen activities. While never having taken a test before posed a challenge to the Native American, she was immediately surrounded with support.

“It was especially nerve-racking to come to college as a biology major without ever having had a formal science lesson before,” Kihuwa-Mani said. “But within my first few days at UNCG, people were directing me to different resources, like tutoring. Because of that support, I went from never having been a ‘student,’ to becoming an excellent student, to becoming an undergraduate researcher, to attending medical school – it’s a crazy transformation.”

The Lloyd International Honors College pre-medicine student not only achieved academically, she made significant scientific discoveries that have the potential to benefit human health through her undergraduate research. 

Why UNC Greensboro?

“Before coming to UNCG, I had no idea that not only would I get to participate in and lead a complete research project, but that I would also get this really interesting finding. At a lot of other institutions, undergraduate students don’t get to have their own research projects.

“UNCG offers unique opportunities for undergraduate students to create their own projects and see them through from beginning to end. I think that’s what really prepared me to get into a competitive program like an MD-PhD.”

Sky Kihuwa-Mani

Sky Kihuwa-Mani

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UNC Greensboro is relentlessly focused on helping each student unleash their potential and make a meaningful impact with their life, in our community, and around the world, every day.


Kihuwa-Mani ‘22 will study medicine in New York City.

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