Inspired by nature, Dr. Shabnam Hematian is working to understand how light and air, along with common metals, could stimulate industrial reactions, to design more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. The future-focused UNC Greensboro chemistry professor mentors young scientists in her research group as she explores a greener tomorrow thanks to a $250K National Science Foundation grant. 

“I’m very interested in passing knowledge to the next generation,” Dr. Hematian says. “That’s my passion: to influence people and the future.”

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Chemistry Professor Dr. Shabnam Hematian.

Connecting Spartan Talent with Employers

Career seeking Spartans receive professional development and coaching as they pursue their place in the job market. Dr. Nicole Hall, director of the UNC Greensboro’s Career and Professional Development, implemented a convenient hybrid model – online and enhanced in-person – to ensure every student is served. From artificial intelligence reviews of resumes to experiential learning opportunities and connections to more than 5,000 ready-to-hire employers, Spartans receive invaluable insight into corporate expectations and hiring practices giving them the edge on the workforce competition.

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Dr. Nicole Hall of UNCG's Career and Professional Development office.

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Tango Diaspora

At UNC Greensboro, Lorena Guillén teaches music in society. Outside of class, she is music in society. She leads her own group with fellow UNCG faculty members, bringing the vibrant Argentine tango-fusion sound to stages across North Carolina. About the School of Music at UNCG she says, “There are many others like us here. It’s a wonderful place with a high level of artistry.”

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UNCG lecturer Lorena Guillén at the NC Folkfest

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How do you know if something’s really #trending?

Dr. Aaron Beveridge studies how public opinion and digital communication are shaped by data-driven technologies – like social networks. In his digital rhetoric course, “How to Be an Influencer,” UNC Greensboro students develop a video series or podcast, and learn to use network anallytics to better engage audiences. In bringing together research and teach, Dr. Beveridge challenges his students with the question: What does it really mean to be “trending?”

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Balance for Better Health

Through kinesiology research, Dr. Scott Ross can detect instability in posture and address the potential causes of injury. At UNC Greensboro’s Balance Analysis and Training (BAT) Lab, Dr. Ross’ students focus on the ankle, and training the body to respond to balance signals. Why take up an interest in ankle and balance research? Because, as Dr. Ross says, “Avoiding balance impairment allows people to stay active and maintain their health.” Improve balance, improve health.

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Curious Chemistry

Dr. Nadja Cech explores the natural world in search of new molecules to fight disease. The key to her scientific success? A vibrant community of scholars. The co-director of UNC Greensboro’s Medical Chemistry Collaborative conducts her research alongside students from rural North Carolina to Bangladesh, and faculty from a multitude of disciplines. Together, they are on a journey to improve human health.

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