Take A C.H.A.N.C.E. on College

“My degree isn’t solely my degree; it’s my family’s, too.”

– Fernando Cuevas, UNCG Nursing Student


Fernando Cuevas changed his fate and the fate of his family with a 6-day summer program for LatinX high schoolers. As a high school junior he attended UNCG’s Campamento Hispano Abriendo Nuestro Camino a la Educación (CHANCE) camp where he learned about college and leadership skills at the University. The experience sealed his future: he applied to and is now earning a degree in nursing at UNCG as a first generation college student.

While UNCG’s CHANCE camp provided Cuevas, the son of Mexican immigrants, the opportunity to experience college life and learning, donors helped make his dreams of attending college a reality. Cuevas earned multiple college scholarships which make all the difference as he pursues his dream: to become a pediatric nurse.


As a high achieving student, Fernando Cuevas was drawn to the Lloyd International Honors College. There he took advantage of  opportunities for deeper, hands-on educational experience. His new leadership skills prepared him to take on the role of Honors College Ambassador where he plans and attends events to strengthen connections between honors students and their faculty. He also serves as the junior representative for the Association of Nursing Students while working part-time.

“In one of my recent nursing classes, we used a doll to learn how to talk to a pediatric patient and gently administer a shot. That is the kind of hands-on education I get excited about as a part of the Honors College,” he remarks. 

Why UNC Greensboro?

As a child, Cuevas spent a lot of time in hospitals due to health concerns. He understands how hard his parents have worked to provide for him and looks forward to earning his nursing degree, being financially strong enough to give back to his parents and provide for his family.

“My parents have taught me a number of valuable lessons I will never forget, and I wish to pay their efforts forward through my success in receiving an education. My degree isn’t solely my degree; it’s my family’s, too,” Cuevas says.

– Fernando Cuevas, UNCG Nursing Student

First Generation UNCG Nursing student Fernando Cuevas.

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