Real Stage Presence

Ethan Poisson in UNCG production of Spongebob: The Musical

Ever since that first performance, I knew this was what I want to do for the rest of my life – I just want to be on stage.

– Ethan Poisson, Tik Tok Star and UNCG School of Theatre Student

Campus Life

At first, Ethan Poisson was nervous to come to UNC Greensboro’s campus but the outreach from faculty enabled him to build connections with the musical theatre department before his semester began. And when his first year started, it wasn’t long before he felt welcomed. “On my first day, I got recognized from TikTok in the dining hall. It was weird – I had been recognized in college before, but it was surprising to be recognized on my college campus, my new home,” Poisson said.

In Spring, he landed a role in the production of “Spongebob: The Musical.” 

“When I saw the cast list, I was so happy. We’ve had rehearsals pretty much every single day since February, and it’s much faster-paced than I’ve ever experienced, but it’s so much fun, and it’s pushing us to be prepared for what it’s going to be like in the industry.”

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Why UNC Greensboro?

“Other schools I auditioned for would only reach out if they wanted to see me again. But Dominick Amendum and Erin Speer in UNCG’s musical theatre program would reach out and check in to see how my senior year was going. They made the admission process so nice and welcoming.”

Ethan Poisson

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UNC Greensboro student Ethan Poisson shares why UNCG is different from other institutions.

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