Real Research for Freshman

The entire research group have nurtured me in various aspects of my scientific life.

– Beh Reh

Research Molds the Future

When Beh Reh transitioned from UNC Greensboro’s Middle College to a first-year college student, he was recruited into Dr. Ramji Bhandari’s biology research lab. There, with mentors and fellow students, he researched health abnormalities. In spring 2022, Reh earned one of the most prestigious STEM-field scholarships in the nation: the Goldwater Scholarship.

“Undergraduate research is extremely important for undergraduate students like me as we join the University like clay, and with all these research experiences we emerge as a fully finished and functional pot,” he says. Also a recipient of the Science,Technology and Math Preparation Scholarship, or STAMPS, he has been researching the effects of perchlorate (a chemical compound commonly found in airbag initiators, fireworks, chewing tobacco, and more) on fish health. The information can help researchers gain insights into perchlorate-induced effects in humans.

How do Faculty Mentor & Impact Student Learning?

From developing a research paper for a peer-reviewed journal publication to presenting his research at the Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology, Reh prepared for the opportunities under the mentorship of Dr. Bhandari and the graduate students at the Bhandari lab.

“I am surprised to see myself so confident in what I do and capable of public speaking. Dr. Bhandari and the entire research group have nurtured me in various aspects of my scientific life, such as creative thinking, scientific reasoning, troubleshooting, manuscript preparation, oral presentation, and group discussion,” he says.

Why UNC Greensboro?

Reh’s goal is to become a doctor and heal his patients. Regarding his UNCG experience, Reh says, “My mentor has provided me with many opportunities – and one of them is to help others. My purpose is to help people. I will become a doctor and help them.”

Outside the lab, Reh takes advantage of UNCG’s service opportunities. He supports youth, refugees, and fellow students in the UNCG community and beyond.

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