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Dr. Tetyana Ignotova

We’re coming to a new beginning for science

– Dr. Tetyana Ignatova


“If we can create clothes that help serve medicine and health, it will be a new era for fashion,” explains UNC Greensboro Professor Dr. Tetyana Ignatova. The fabric of our future combines nanoscience with textiles.

“We’re coming to a new beginning for science,” says UNC Greensboro student and National Science Foundation fellow Jared Averitt. In Dr. Ignatova’s Joint School for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology lab, Averitt and students work alongside her to address a pandemic issue: how do you sanitize surfaces, protect, and monitor health?

“We can incorporate nanotubes into fibers and make antimicrobial or antiviral fabrics, and also functionalize carbon nanotubes to become biosensors,” says Ignatova. “That is what we will accomplish. We plan to make it and test it.” Donations from Kontoor Brands, including a state-of-the-art yarn dyeing machine with the ability to control sample temperature, supports their research of virus and bacteria-resistant textiles. 

Clothing the future with science

Dr. Ignatova says, “to create a type of sensor on a fabric or to incorporate two-dimensional material into fabric – this is what these students are working on.” Learn more about this innovative fashion research.

Working on the fabric of our future.

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